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Cassie Visualization

Dynamic Robotics Laborotory

In order to clearly show the results of the lab’s research paper to RSS we needed a way to visualize the data we collected.

I wrote a script that converts a file with all of the motor and joint positions of the robot during a run to the visualization you see on the left. This involved mapping the motor and joint positions to an object that could be sent into the MuJoCo visualization simulator. 


This allowed our team to not only tell but clearly show the results we produced.


Goolge Drive Automatic Upload

Dynamic Robotics Laborotory

The lab needed to find a better way to collect the Cassie test log data. We used to walk to the robot, take a USB drive with the log data out, and put it into our computers. This drive could have days of unorganized data to sift through until you found what you were looking for.


I wrote a script that interfaces with the robot’s controller to automatically send the log data to Google Drive every time a test is done on the robot. The log data is now sorted by date and policy type and can be accessed remotely from anywhere.


The script is robust enough to not send the log data if there is no internet connection (which is common during field tests) and will wait to send it until the internet is connected again.

The video shows how the log data is uploaded to Google Drive as soon as the test is completed.



Go to market plan

Shared Technologies

At Shared, I delivered a product-market fit analysis ahead of new market entry. This included, flagging markets with the highest profit margins for Shared's operational model.


I consulted on a go-to-market plan, developing a proprietary decision-making rubric for Shared. I led out customer discovery efforts across 30 US cities and consulted at the executive level regarding all customer discovery and market entry initiatives.


New Client Discovery

Albertazzi Law Firm

Albertazzi Law Firm wanted to find new clients by searching the daily court cases filed by the Deschutes County Courthouse. But instead of sifting through all the cases they just wanted to see the ones relevant to them.


I wrote a program that goes onto the court website every day, scrapes the relevant cases, and stores them in a database that can be accessed by the law firm. This program is deployed on Microsoft Azure (Cloud Development Platform).


Now they have a constant flow of potential leads that can help them grow their business.


I love creating through code. The idea of having 1 million ways to tackle a problem and knowing that whatever I come up with could be better is both humbling and awe-inspiring all at the same time.  


I currently spend my time diving into coding problems at Oregon State’s DRL lab as well as my studies in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science. While those three keep me busy during the school year, the summer of 2020 is on the horizon and I am currently looking for a software internship with a company in Oregon.


Send me an email if you see me as a fit for your team this summer.


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